Javier Segura Compilation To Be Released


Passat Continu is the newly launched parent label of Modern Obscure Music run by David Balasch & Pedro Vian. The first release to emerge on the label will be a compilation from Javier Segura, a Spanish musician who has been recording music since the 1970's. A significant yet little known figure in the Spanish underground music scene he worked for a long time from an isolated cell from his home studio in the Canary Islands. His sound spans ambient, rock, electronic music and features wide ranging influences and instrumentation. Using guitars, rhythm boxes, trumpets, synths and pedals he has released an array of independent albums: El Ser Y El Tiempo (1976), No Mires Atrás(1983), Nostalgia De Lo Humano (1986), Lamento Bereber (1989), El Ángel Caído Vol I, La Lluvia Azul (2004), Levántate (2005), and El Orden Y El Caos (2006). He also teamed up with Juan Belda on the noisy and only improv project Arte Moderno (1981-1982)

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