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Alan McGees A&R radar had gone properly on the blink by the time he started Poptones – his post-Creation venture – in the first throes of the Noughties. His ears were more shot than those of a First World War veteran, and his signing policy as erratic as a cat on crack (El Vez? Ping Pong Bitches?). Luckily, he surrounded himself with people with fully functioning lugholes and when a tape of January was passed his way, McGee was all over it -immediately recognising a chance to reclaim past glories. January were a diamond that sparkled in thedirt.Tellingly, theysounded liketheultimate Creation band – an amalgamation of all that was great about McGees peerless (at points) label.

They made one album for Poptones – the wonderful I Heard Myself In You. As a body of work it was stunning, marking out the groups leader Simon McLean as a real songwriting talent. Highlights included the gorgeously hypnotic Eyes All Mine with itsmelancholy organs, repetitive basslineand delicate, country-flecked plucking from Sarah Peacock, formerly of ambient electronic icons Seefeel. In typically hyperbolic fashion, McGee dubbedPeacockthe best guitarist in the world ahead of the albums release. My other favourite is All Time. Its as good as anything on Mark Gardeners side of Rides Carnival of Light – lush acoustic strumming building to an incandescent denouement. Joining all the dots was Mads Bjerke, who had previouslymixed Spiritalizeds Pure Phase so knew a thing or two about constructing exquisite sonic cathedrals.January neverreceived the acclaimthey deserved. They were a few years too late for the original shoegazing scene and a few years too early for its unexpected but glorious revival. Timing is everything in music

January – Eyes All Mine

January – All Time

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January discography

Great interview with Simon McLean from 2005here

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