Nothing Is Volume 1


“What is Nothing Is?’ I hear you whisper.”
Let’s hand you over to the man himself Jamie Paton:

“It’s hard to say; it’s nothing like what it was, and bears no resemblance to what it will be, but it’s safe to say Nothing Is quite what it seems. Join Cage & Aviary, Cherrystones, Little Dirty and Rik Motor on the last Friday of every month for dancing to off-centre music. So goes our abstract manifesto, but the whole idea behind ‘Nothing Is…’ is to keep it interesting, keep it surprising, and keep the dancers guessing whilst keeping them dancing! The Alibi crowd have been well up for it, and that’s pretty refreshing.

All four of us have different styles, but we all cross streams at certain points; Rik Motor, for example, runs Rocket Recordings, a noise/pysche label but we both love EBM and industrial stuff like Front 242 and Revolting Cocks – ‘No Devotion’ by said Cocks is one of our big tunes down at The Alibi. 

Of the four, I’m the most disco I guess, the most electronic, but I mostly stay away from house for these particular nights, as it can feel a bit too together – Nothing Is tunes tend to feel more like they are about to fall apart, a bit loose around the seams. This particular mix takes in some EBM, some electronic bits old and new, a Cage & Aviary remix of Teeth of the Sea (a great band on Rocket Recordings) and an edit of some Frenchie New Wave track by Mr Cherrystones.

I’ve also been loving playing some slomo sets at peak times, so that’s the plan for volume 2 in the mix series”.

Jamie Paton

Listen to the goodness here: