It’s A Thin Line… Craig Bratley


Christ, not more bloody new series on R$N… Well look you just have to deal with it alright. What do you want to do, a constant regurgitation of questions that other people have asked artists a million times?! "What's your favourite record, do you enjoy playing records?" No, no we need a reaction or at least someone reactionary. Step forth one our favourite label heads Mr Craig Bratley of Magic Feet to launch our It's A Thin Line… series where we ask some of our favourite producers and record players to pick 5 things at the moment they love and 5 that they hate. Yup, hate's a strong word we know but our Craig has strong opinions and doesn't like much. Let's hear what he had to say…

First of all we should have a look at a press shot of his from Electric Elephant last year:

doesn't look that grumpy does he?! Well read on…


1) Modular synths, they look fucking ace and make you look like you know what you're doing, even If you haven't got a clue how to use them.  Endless hours of    fun creating odd sounds, just remember to press record.

 2) Ducks, I have a new found love of ducks. I recently moved house and we are lucky enough to be near the water and are quickly becoming duck aficionados.
 The only downside I can see is the fact they do shit a lot. 

 3) Electronic music with funk, more thrusting, less fist pumping. I like to see people dance and have been known to break into the running man on occasion.

 4) Magic Feet recordings. Obviously Im biased but I was sorting out the release schedule the other the other day and there are some great records to come out.


 5) Summer. The sunny days are coming as are the festival shenanigans. I'm fortunate enough to have been booked to play at Low Life, Glastonbury and Alfresco. 

Hate let's call this: Dislike More

1) Balearic types posting pics of sunsets on social media. Give it a rest. To be filed with people that applaud/cheer the sunrise at Glastonbury etc. 

2) The modern DJs sense of entitlement . Most noted on younger DJs. Yes , promo is important, it's the way you ask that counts, manners cost nothing.

3) Cooking – it takes far longer to cook a meal and clean up than it does to eat it. (my dishwashers on the blink) Where's the meal replacement tablets, hover bikes, teleporters and jump suits I was promised as a child? 


4) The 90s house music revival. I want to hear music that sounds like the future. Try and sound like you're from a distant planet, not a distant decade. To be filed alongside Back to… nights, memories are great but there's a lot of great music happening now. 

5) "We don't have much of a budget" I'm sure this phrase will be familiar to a few people. Often the second sentence in any communication I receive after the phrase 'we love what you're doing '. I would love to play at your event. I don't consider my fees exorbitant, yes, you will have to pay for my transport, No, the megabus isn't an option, yes, I'm sure I'll be looked after…




Craig Bratley plays NIBIRU on 17th May. A new night brought to you by Craig and Terry Childs. ​NBIRU is from Akkadian culture meaning a point of transition. So now you now.


Next out on Magic Feet is the ubiquitous 'Flesh' , from Rich Lane, backed with Peza's future classic,'NMN'. 
This is followed quickly by The Vanity EP . A four track EP that includes 3 unreleased or digi only remixes by Craig and The Hardway Bros much in demand remix of Craigs 'Obsession'

The Vanity EP

Rich Lane/Peza