Iron Horse: A Cycling Concept Album


Iron Horse is the name of a cycling concept album by a band called Me For Queen. When we talked to Mary Erskine, the Me For Queen frontwoman and singer, she said the music covers soul, funk, folk and jazz, and explained that there are tracks about the freedom of cycling, the rage and fear you sometimes feel on your bike when surrounded by cars, and a white bike tribute.

“You’ll like it whether you cycle or not. We’re playing at cycle events around the UK to get people to know about our project. We just want to get the money for our album and it’s bloody expensive!” (She said).

Listen to the demos on the pledge page.

Yes, the pledge page… Me For Queen are crowdfunding Iron Horse using Pledge Music, and on top of digital and physical preorders there are some strange rewards on offer that until now money hasn’t been able to buy: a jingle/theme song written just for you, a private gig, portraits, artwork, trumpet tuition, your name on the album and yourself painted into a piece of art by renowned bike artist David Sparshott.

If this project sounds interesting, come to Look Mum No Hands on Mare Street on April 10th for a taste of the Iron Horse