IO Echo


Signed up by LA hipster label of choice IAMSOUND, IO Echo delve into the 80s pop Goth vibes pioneered by the likes of Siouxsie and Strawberry Switchblade, and recently revived by Zola Jesus. This (as yet unreleased) track uses pounding reverberating drums and the finest whistling heard in indie since Young Folks to launch Ioanna Gikas beautiful vocals aloft. The other half of the band, Leopold Ross (are people actually called Leopold ? wow…) is moonlighting from playing bass in The Big Pink, and there are certain similarities in sound between the bands- both harnassing walls of shimmering feedback and cavernous, epic arrangements. The more I listen to this the more I like it, balancing brooding soundscapes with pop sensibilities is often attempted and rarely achieved, but with When The Lillies Die IO Echo have managed to pull off this difficult feat with soaring style. Catch em over in Hoxton at The Macbeth this Friday because theyve a fair chance of blowing up pretty soon…

Ian Mcquaid

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