With releases on Tsuba, 2020 Vision & Cecille it's no wonder the name Huxley has been popping up so frequently of late. The truth of the matter is, his passionate love for old school garage and retro house music gives a nostalgic essence to his mixes that never fails to put a smile on your face – it also makes him one of the most personable DJs we've had the pleasure to deal with. If you don't recognise the name, just put on his track 'Let it go' and you'll certainly recognise his work… We caught up with the man ahead of his trip to Ibiza for the first in this summer's series of mulletover shows.  

Let it Go, Huxley

You'll be gracing Ibizan shores this weekend to play at the first mulletover Ibiza show of 2012 – How do you feel the vibe will differ in Ibiza compared to London clubs?

Well, i guess as it's a completely new year it's hard to tell. it seems like ibiza really sets itself up for the summer, vibe wise anyway, in the first few weeks. For me, personally though, i think it's going to be an amazing year. Mainly because i'm actually getting to play out here a few times. I've actually only played ibiza once before. But anyway, the thing that differs is ibiza always seems to be such a positive vibe, where as sometimes london can get bogged down a little in stuff it shouldn't.

Have you got any crazy Ibiza stories?

The only thing i can say here is, speak to Mic Newman.

The past two years have seen you becoming a well known name amongst underground house lovers, but you also have a huge love for old school garage if recent mixes are anything to go by… were you excited about the recent garage revival? Or would garage have played a part in your sets & mixes whether it became 'cool' again or not?

Probably sounds cliche and like i'm just trying to justify myself, but i've been playing garage for over ten years. I always slipped in a few anyway, but i guess now it's just a little bit more common. I've never seen the problem with mixing them up. When garage first emerged years ago it was always referred to as 'house & garage' anyway. the only thing that changed is that there was loads of shoddy garage that ruined it. That shouldn't hold back the good stuff though. I suppose i am excited, but at the same time i'm just hoping that people don't saturate the market with shit again and fuck it up for a second time. it needs time to grow, rather than just be thrust into the limelight again.

ID mix, Huxley

You recently did your first FACT mix (one of our favourite of the year so far, might we add), it had a great mixture of house & garage both old and new, but your recent ID mix was just pure old school garage – if you had to chose one music to live by for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I'm not even sure i can answer that! 

FACT mix 323, Huxley

You've done a lot of collaborative work, particularly with Ethyl, if you could produce a collaborative piece with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Well, if not chesney hawkes , then probably someone like MJ Cole, Liam Howlett or Berry Gordy.

Who do you think is really flying the flag for music at the moment, be it labels, promoters or artists?

Hard to answer, but for me guys like Eats Everything, Mosca, Julio Bashmore, Dusky, Aus Music, Made 2 Play… I could go on for ages. Oh and i love the new Brackles LP on Rinse.

We seem to be hearing more about you everywhere we turn in 2012, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well i'm currently putting the finishing touches on my last 2 remixes of the year. One for pirupa's 'Party Non-Stop', which has just been signed to Defected and the other for Show-B from Pattern Select for Compost. After that though i've got my sights on new original material. I haven't really had time to do much original stuff this year. However, my next release is on Leftroom with my pal Sam Russo, called Jamma's Basement. after that i have more material planned for Tsuba and Hypercolour. Also most excitingly, for me anyway, is the release of my first mix compilation on 1trax! due out very soon and really sums up the sound i'm playing at the moment!

Pirupa, Party Non Stop

What can we expect from your Ibiza mulletover set? Will the sunshine and beaches be having a merry affect on what you play us?

I'd say it'll definitely affect what i play. especially as while i'm sitting here doing this interview it's even sunny in england, which is already getting me in the right mood for the weekend!

And here's one of our favourite mixes we've listened to in recent times for Electronic Groove…

By Yasmin Galletti

Catch Huxley at mulletover in Ibiza part 1.

Date: Sat, 26th May

Venue: Sankey's Ibiza, Carrer de les Alzines 5, Playa d'en Bossa

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