East London based production and DJ trio Wildkats have risen through the ranks over the last twelve months or so to become one of the capital’s hottest emerging acts. Their deep, bassline-driven house and techno has  won them releases on Hot Creations, Akbal Music, Neim, Hourglass and Lower East to name a few.  Ahead of their gig at Westbourne Studios this Sat, R$N sat down with the guys to find out all about what it’s like to work and party as a threesome.  

Please could each of you tell us the best and worst qualities about each other?

STUART – Ha, OK well I guess it’s easier to answer for each other.. I'll start with you Corey…. your worst quality is definitely your deafening SNORING! Trying to sleep after a long session with that nose trombone drove me insane on our recent tour! But I still love ya… and your best quality is your work ethic, you're a proper grafter!

COREY –  I’ll go for Scott..Scott your worst quality is your ability to faff about. (Don't laugh Stu..you’re a close second)..Your best quality is your chat..You probably have the best banter and chat out of anyone I know…great story teller and could blag your way out or in to any situation.

SCOTT- Well that leaves Stuart for me… Worst quality has to be his timekeeping. Now I'm not exactly the best punctually but Stuart takes it to a new level! Best quality is his ability to get the best out of you. Stuart was the one that gave me my chance when I moved to London. Well, he actually got me to move for a start then gave me my first chance on the scene! For that I love him.

Do you travel as a three a lot? Does that make it even harder when you are on the road?

ALL – It depends. Of course, if we had our way it would be 3 of us all the time but that's difficult. For the US Tour and BPM in Mexico it was all 3 and a lot of that comes down to our agencies Liaison Artists and Krankbrother. With the Liaison guys they really work with us as a collective so we will always do any travels in North & South America as the full group. For South Africa and Mexico (previous in 2011) it was just the 2 as we were working more with independent organisers and worked in a way of what was viable at the time.

Also when we travel as 3 it is pretty much the best scenario as then you make the full Wildkats. We're all best mates so buzz off the fact we are travelling doing what we love with your crew around you.

Does having three of you working in the studio help things or does it complicate and / or slow proceedings at times?

ALL – Working in the studio as 3 doesn't happen all the time to be honest. Regularly it is 2 but we all contribute to the final outcome of a track… It's not that we choose not to work as 3 or that it would slow the process, it's just the way it happens. If you have an idea and want to press on with it you do… But the final outcome will always be run over as a collective.

Do you ever have some kind of veto agreement where one of you can halt an idea if you feel very strongly about something? If so, does it work both ways?

ALL – Luckily for us we are all quite in tune with what each of us are doing… If there are 2 of you working on a track then again you press on and will always run it by the 3rd member. We've never come to a point where a track has been done and any member has been completely against it… It's a very diplomatic process that in the event there is an issue, it can always be rectified as a 3 to finalise the track.

As DJ’s, do you have to talk much about what you want to do whilst behind the decks or does it just come together on the night?

ALL – Now as DJ's, that's when we start talking about issues! haha. No we do communicate with each other at a gig as you have to when there is 2 or 3 of you. Not in a way of play this or play that, but generally about the dynamics of the party. In certain ways it is easier as a collective because when you are not DJ'ing you really get the time to feel what is going on and what you want to play to counteract and keep it lively. But the key thing you always have to keep in mind is that you aren't in a general back to back situation, you are still one artist and have to work together in keeping the flow right.

What first made you all want to become DJ’s?

SCOTT – From the moment I first started clubbing it was a bit of an infatuation with the DJ. I always found it amazing how one person could keep control of a room of 100+ people with their music. It made me take more notice of dance music and really got to know it… by the time I was 18 I had my first set of decks.

STUART – I've always loved music and playing it… it was my sisters elder boyfriend when I was 15 who had decks and I wanted to get involved!

COREY – For me I just fell in love with the music. Being the person who controlled the music was the next logical step.

Does the fact you are a trio mean you have to work much harder considering that your fees are split three ways?

ALL – We wouldn't say that we work harder than any other solo artist. If anything there is always room for more work as we are still relatively new to the scene. At the moment things are going well but we are conscious of the fact that there are 3 of us and without hard work and progression it could become really difficult. We all still have our own interests that we had before Wildkats was formed with Corey Baker as a solo artist and Sandeman & Mr Dickie as a duo… These things aren't as prominent as they once were but it’s something we still like to work with to keep busy…. splitting fee's 3 ways does obviously mean less than solo but it’s not all about money.

What do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t got involved with electronic music?

SCOTT – Probably still selling electronics!! I had a very monotonous life away from the one I have now… I worked from the age of 16 in office jobs and generally hated every minute of it! I was never really suited to desk jobs… In fact I'd go as far as saying I was one of the worst employee's you could have hired!

STUART – I'd probably still be suited and booted working in finance- urrrrffff.

COREY –  I'd probably be in Hawaii still…working in bars in the night and on the beach during the day.

What is on the horizon for Wildkats?

ALL – Well, we have just dropped our Akbal Music EP with our good friend and almost prominent studio partner Tboy which is cool. With Wildkats solo we have a couple of remixes due on Get Physical for Elon and with Om Records for Miguel Migs which we're really stoked about! We are working on some more material for several other label's which until complete we'll keep under our hats, and have also started collaborations with Thugfucker and Pillowtalk ….so stay tuned.

Then our gig schedule is looking rather good too…

5th APR: Potty Mouth Disco – London, UK
  9th APR: Mission 2 – Leeds, UK
13th APR: The Basement – Essex, UK
27th APR: Glasgow City Social Club – Glasgow, UK
  5th MAY: Mudlove – London, UK
12th MAY: Blah Blah Blah – Brighton, UK
25th MAY: Cant Stop Wont Stop – London, UK
26th MAY: Noisily Festival & Then Junk Club – Southhampton, UK
30th MAY: Sankeys Ibiza – Ibiza, SP
 2nd JUN: Ritter Butzke – Berlin, GR
  3rd JUN: Takeoff Festival – Southend, UK
  9th JUN: Connected – London, UK
14th – 16th JUN: Sonar Festival – Barcelona, SP
23rd JUN: Summer Soiree – Blackpool, UK
24th JUN: Gottwood Festival
30th JUN: Krankbrother Rooftop Party – London, UK
   7th JUL: Krankbrother Yacht Party – Ibiza, SP
 10th JUL: Space – Ibiza, SP
 26th SEP: Nocturnal Playground – Newcastle, UK
 28th SEP: Decibal Festival – Seattle, USA
  2nd OCT: Sankeys Ibiza – Ibiza, SP

By Tom Jones

WiLDKATS & Tboy – Be An Example EP – Akbal Music