Interstellar Funk compiles synth and wave LP for Rush Hour


The Dutch producer, dj and label boss has announced the release of a twelve track compilation which showcases underground elements of synth, wave and diy electronics. It features rarities and music from the likes of Liasons Dangereuses, Chris And Cosey and Richard Bone. Interstellar Funk is known for his widespread collection of music from across the spectrum of these genres and often channels an assortment of such music throughout his eclectic dj sets. In 2017 he launched the record label Artificial dance which has also acted for an array of releases which reflect a similar set of sounds. 

The release features a collection of highly sought after tracks which can be hard to find and widely hunted, examples coming in the form of Human League's "4JG" and Clan Of Xymox's "Stranger". 

The release will be available from the 31st of March.