International collaborative lockdown project Gates Of Light announce their debut album


Gates Of Light, an international collaborative lockdown project, have announced their debut self-titled album, which reflects on the experiences of being in isolation over the last year. 

Featuring Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Louise Quinn and musician Bal Cooke, London DJ and producer Scott Fraser, producer and DJ Kid Loco in Paris and New York film/art director Tim Saccenti, the cross-continent project was recorded and produced remotely during lockdown in 2020.

Across the 12 tracks, the group create a psychedelic, dream-pop glitch landscape of future folk, with the first single ‘Walk On’ drawing inspiration from the life of female Italian Renaissance sculptor Properzia de’ Rossi, who when denied access to marble, created beautifully intricate friezes on apricot, peach, and cherry stones.

After a chance encounter with Scott Fraser at a nightclub in Glasgow, Louise and Scott collaborated on a release on Andrew Weatherall’s Birdscarer vinyl imprint label in 2019 featuring a remix by the Guv’nor himself who described the track as ‘sublime magik’. Louise has sung on many of Kid Loco’s records and Kid Loco has in return produced albums and remixes for Bal and Louise. Louise and Bal, a husband and wife team who run Tromolo Production met Tim in New York a long time ago through a mutual friend from Glasgow. Tim does artwork for Run The Jewels, Pharrell and Travis Scott among others.

Listen to ‘Walk On’ below…

Gate Of Light will be released on Shimmy Disc on 26/03/202. Pre-order HERE. Follow Gates of Light Collective.