Innervisions Interview


Ahead of the incredible looking ‘An Evening At The Cabinet With Dr Caligari’ this Friday we caught up with Innervisions to find out a bit more about the project.

Hello, Innervisions, went to see the installation at the Roundhouse on Monday – looks amazing…

Really excited about this Friday’s performance. What was it that made you choose the film Dr Caligari? Has it always been a favourite or was it the visual and dramatic aspects that made it appropriate to write the score?

We had been approached by the Timewarp festival in 2010 to do a soundtrack for a silent movie from the murnau-foundation catalogue. We chose the cabinet of Dr Caligari as we all liked this movie the most and also because of his timeliness.

How long did it take to create the piece of music? what were the processes and how do you work together on this?

If u leave out the breaks probably a month working time. We all sit down together at the beginning to discuss the artistic approach and concept of our work, then very often Henrik and Frank are working in a group to create the musical and harmonic structure of the piece and from there on we work in new groups together. In between we discuss the temporary results and most of the times after a couple of sessions we are all happy.and we do this like that with every other project too.

You first performed this composition at Jetzt Musik Festival 2010 in Mannheim. How was it received, have you got any alterations for this performance?

It was very well received and we decided to do it again if there would be the right opportunity. So the roundhouse thing was the first one we agreed to, there won’t be that much that changes to the last performance but every live concert is different, even when you are playing the same music.

What sort of experience do expect the audience to get from this, with the film being quite intense and the visual installation so immersive?

In mannheim we managed to nearly draw the audience into the movie so they forgot everything around them (that’s what my mother said after the show). I hope there is no competition between music-venue-movie but as i know who is involved and I am quite sure it will work.

How did the collaboration with Ron Arad come about? I’ve watched the film about creating his curtain and it looks incredible.

Jaime from the former Tbar came up with this idea and as we waited for a while to repeat this performance and this one was our first choice. We just had a vague view of what the whole thing is going to look like but we could see how great the idea is.

Have you worked and planned much with Ron leading up to the event?

We just worked with the Roundhouse and Jaime so hopefully we’re going to meet Ron once đŸ™‚

Can you tell us a bit about the visual aspect that will be taking place in the 2nd half of the performance, after the film.

Our friends from Jutojo who we know for a long time are doing the visual performance and from what i have seen so far it will be fantastic.

The sound in the Roundhouse often lends itself to the more intricate performances like this. Have you experienced the system in all its glory yet?

No, not at all but it is a legendary venue and i know the place for a long time too.

You recently all played at We Love… @ Space in Ibiza. How was that? I imagine it’ll differ somewhat to this performance!

That was definitely a different experience to what we are doing at the roundhouse. But we love both things, as we like clubs and at the same time concerts too…dance music and experimental music.

What other similarly pioneering projects do you have coming up that you can tell us about.

Henrik just finished an album where an orchestra played his compositions and it sounds amazing. We are all working on new stuff together on our own too, but i wouldn’t consider that as pioneering. đŸ™‚

SPL Innervisions presents “An Evening At The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari” with Henrik Schwarz, Ame & Dixon

Fri 19th Aug, 2011
7.45pm 2am
Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH
Price: 25/18 advanced on Ransom Note Tickets