In Aeternam Vale & Electro-Acoustic Outfit Wsr Up Next On Contort


After a sterling evolution demonstrated on ‘Always Offended, Never Ashamed’, a limited cassette release of a live Karl O’Connor jungle set and the recent ‘Sonic Instruments of War’ 7”, Samuel Kerridge and his Berlin based Contort imprint – ran with partner Hayley Kerridge – continue their harsh and heavy transmissions with two releases which promise elemental electronics and artful investigations of sound.

First up, from an appearance at the 2014 edition of Berlin Atonal, is Laurent Prot’s In Aeternam Vale project. Prot is one of the more essential acts associated with Minimal Wave, with one foot in dark classicist synth pop and the other in more contemporary, exploratory territory. His 1988 effort ‘Dust Under Brightness’ is as anthemically bruising as Liaisons Dangereuses’ ‘Los Ninos Del Parque’ (and his cover of Suicide’s ‘Cheree’ is for our money, the best we’ve heard)

Welcome news then that his ‘pulsating’ live show, billed as ‘some of his best work to date’, will be released on cassette on Friday 25th September, limited to 125 copies.

Meanwhile Emanuale Porcinai, who moonlights as WSR, will release ‘Stainless’ a week after (October 2nd). Described as an ‘electro-acoustic musician focused on the contrast between acoustic music and synthetic rhythms, and the manipulation of the source via tape and electronic means’, the release promises a boundary pushing amalgamation of industrial, techno and classical.