Huge Horde Of Lost Aphex Twin Music Surfaces


There’s enough Aphex Twin mythology out there to fill a small mobile library. Whether it’s stories of random DATS sent off for remixes, or DJ sets performed with sandpaper rather than vinyl, when it comes to tales of dubious providence, Richard D James is the gift that keeps giving.

Today though, something unusual – and apparently genuine – has surfaced. The soundcloud user quetzalcoatl101 has uploaded a track allegedly recorded by Aphex during the lost sessions for his Drukqs album. Fans have often debated the existence of an mp3 player containing 30 odd tracks that James alleged to have lost on a flight to Spain – now  quetzalcoatl101 reckons he’s found said player. Here’s what he had to say on soundcloud:

“My girlfriend and i moved house a few weeks ago – her brother had worked in the lost property at Barcelonna Airport years ago, and were looking through a box of his old things when I found a MP3 player. Huge Aphex fan, so when I saw 'gwely mernans", 'maltphace 6' and other drukqs tracks on it, started to wonder… Sent an email to a very nice (and very surprised!!) rephlex and have passed on the player. There are 236 tracks on there. Up to them to release, but some things are too beatiful to keep to yourself :-)”

Rephlex have indeed confirmed the tracks are by Aphex, but whether they plan to release any of the 236(!!) tracks remains to be seen – but judging on the quality of the cut posted, they’d be crazy not to…