Hodge to release four track EP on Berceuse Heroique


The prominent UK techno producer has delivered four forceful tracks for the label which will be released on the 29th of November later this month. The Bristol based producer has held a close relationship with the imprint and this will be his third outing on the label in the past three years. It comes off the back of a previous EP released on Berceuse Heroique in january just this year. Label boss Giz posted on facebook and paid homage to the process behind the release…

"When you are working with an artist you have to ride the wave of his or her creativity / It's better to work with the mood he or she is into at the moment so the music can be honest / Screaming at the artist "we need a banger" or trying to "curate" (my fav word) a release in a very pretentious way is not the Berceuse Heroique way / When you are working with Hodge the expression "wave of creativity" looks more like a big ass wave on a Hokusai painting cause he is always thinking about new tunes / Last time we did something together he was in a deep mood but this time the mood was very tense and dark / You can't make him do something if he doesn't want to (except if you are Chris Farrell and you should thank that guy cause we wouldn't have Forms Of Life without him) so we worked around his current vibe and it's honest as fuck with the two elements that you can find in every Hodge production / Tension and a sense of drama / Also, we got some amazing artwork by Will Sweeney, a man that looks like a sweet kid but deep inside him …….. let's say that shit gets gnarly down there and we do love it

Won't say anything else cause we got a memo and it said that we have to be more professional so have a very professional date mates and remember…….

29th of November 
Hodge is back on Berceuse Heroique 
God Save us All"

Stream a track HERE