Hercules & Love Affair


2 years on from the success of Blind and Andy Butlers Hercules & Love Affair have updated their sound kind of. Travelling from the proto house of the early 80s to shore up in the house blues of circa 86 Chicago, they remain exceptionally talented revivalists. With new vocalist Shawn J Wright they have found a replacement for the big (literally..)Heggerty shaped gap in the line up- Wright has nailed the mournful tones of classic acid house with a delivery that combines gospel emoting with dancefloor transcendence. There isnt much new bought to the table here, it really wouldnt take a leap of the imagination to believe that Butler found this track on a discarded 80s DAT and claimed it for his own, but that stands more as testimony to his ability to craft timeless four/ four heartbreak ballads, and fine crafting such as this needs no pyrotechnics.

Ian Mcquaid