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HeartsRevolution burst onto the scene back in 08 with a dayglo crash of techno pop, part Crystal Castles machine fail hell, part sugar rush sweet punk confection. After a string of rapturously received EPs, and a world tour undertaken in a crystal covered ice cream van, the duo of Ben Pollock and Leyla ‘Lo’ Safai retreated to precision tool their sound, resurfacing briefly for 2011s Are We Having Fun Yet mixtape. Now theyre nearing the release of their long awaited debut album with the bratty electro punk upped to levels not heard since the Peaches debut, and, intriguingly some mix input from hip hop legend and Baaur collaborator Just Blaze. We caught up with the duo to hear some new material and catch up where theyre at

R$N: How has your sound and writing process changed on the new material?  

There are a lot of live instruments and more of a rock & roll feel. 

The writing process is the same.

R$N: The PR says you’ve had some involvement with Just Blaze, how did that come about? And how was it?

We wanted to find someone who had a leg in hip hop and electronic music. Just Blaze is one of the rare few. 

We worked with JB and Andrew Wright on our mixtape, “Revolution Rising”. They provided additional mixing on a couple tracks.

They are 2 of the nicest guys in the music industry and have zero ego.

R$N: Has the EDM explosion in the States allowed you access to new audiences?

Not really. We are kind of misfits in general. 

R$N: How much do your politics enter your music? 

Probably too often for our own good

R$N: Binary choice time: Digital or analogue? Vinyl or Mp3?

Digital – because it’s allowed us to make our music.

Vinyl – It feels like mp3s have made music less special. There’s too much music that’s instantly available.  

R$N: What have you got coming up in 2013?

The release of our Ep, “Ride or Die”  in June which will be a joint release with OWSLA (Skrillex’s label) and Kitsune and our full length a little bit after that.

And heres one of their recent tracks

More info over at heartsrevolution.com

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