Hardware Enthusiasts Shift Work Ready Houndstooth Release


Shift work is a tireless, familiar-but-unfamiliar landscape, home to bartenders and nurses, constables and bus conductors. Shift Work are also an electronic two-piece outta London, who, after a strong, noisy release on Optimo Music, are taking to shadow-throwing Houndstooth label for their next offering, Document II.

It finds them in a more measured and restrained mood, nowhere near as wild and saturated as on their Scaled to Fit EP, and the accompanying remixes are also strong and pretty different. Initially the comparison between Shift Work and Factory Floor leaps to mind, especially with 'SBFM' and 'Two Different Ways' – but the remix offered by Factory Floor et al. serves as a reminder of just how measured and varied the trio can be, softening the spinning, modulating sequences into something much more pensive and subtley textured. The DVA Damas remix of 'Abandoned Hands' reforms any sort of pop sensibility the original contains and reshapes it with a dubby, near-krautrock profile at parts, chuggy, reverberating and dark.

Find out more about Shift Work on their Soundcloud and Facebook, and keep an eye out for more news about Document II, set for release on 27th November, over on Houndstooth.