Hakuna Kulala launch white label series with vinyl press of Menzi’s 2020 EP


Hakuna Kalala, the club-focused sister label of Nyege Nyege Tapes, has announced the launch of a white label series with two releases: Menzi’s ‘Impazamo’ EP (originally released digitally in early 2020) and a new EP from Congolese, Kampala-based Oyisse.

Formerly a digital-only label, following the first two outings in August, the label will also see releases from Ugandan DJ, producer Authentically Plastic (founder of Anti-Mass) and Kenyan producer Makossiri pressed to vinyl.

Alongside this announcement parent label Nyege Nyege Tapes are releasing the debut LP, Bubbling Inside, from Den Haag-based De Schuurman, which is made up of cuts produced between 2007-2009 that fuse elements of dubstep, bass, trap and percussion.

The name of the release draws from the genre Bubbling, which originated in Den Haag’s Club Voltage in the late 80s, when people would play dancehall records at 45rpm instead of 33.

Watch the video for ‘Nu Ga Je Dansen’ featuring Cameroonian dancer Audrey Fotso.

Pre-order releases from De Schuurman, Oyisse and Menzi. Credit: Sophie Garcia for Le Guess Who.