Gucci Mane


Following on from Diplos well received Free Gucci mixtape, Sinden steps up to bat, getting a swag bag of the UKs great and good to mess with every ones favourite jailbird. Big names abound, with a bunch of the usual suspects Wiley, Tinchy, Toddla T, Rustie, Mosca alongside some newer names Funkineven and some wild cards These New Puritans…

Unsurprisingly this a pretty mixed bag. Sinden does well on the opener, giving Gucci a sledge of crunk bass to cruise in on, Tinchy sounding nice and comfy riding alongside the Southerner. Hudson Mohawke delivers on his hip hop credentials with a good time slab of piano house meets durrrty snares, so far, so anthemic. I have absoulutely no idea whats goin on with Funkinevens track. It sounds like several crap acid house demos randomly stitched together by a man who just doesnt give a shit. I dunno if Im missing something, but it really makes no sense. After this the tape kinda flounders around a bit- its a bit housey here, a bit God knows what there, and ultimately its only really Swerve who scores big with his head bussin take on Weirdo. Ghetts joins Swerve on the remix, think Streetfighter Riddim take 2, and totally destroys it. Its the cream of the bunch, and worth the bandwidth alone. After that theres a bunch of tunes that are OK, but with no real centre or direction its hard to imagine many fans listening to this the whole way through. And for some reason the Funkeneven track reappears at the end as an instrumental, and I still dont get it.

Download it here.

Ian Mcquaid