GROWING share bonus single ahead of new album ‘Diptych’


Veteran two-piece GROWING have shared a new bonus single ‘Swallow Turn’, ahead of their new album ‘Diptych’, which is set for release on 30th April.

The second single to be released, following ‘Down + Distance’, the track is a reimagining and reinvention of material that didn’t make the final album cut.

The entire LP was written and recorded over the past year and a half, and comes after two internet-only co-releases for Silver Current Records—the home of ‘Diptych’—and a reissue of the band’s seminal 2004 album ‘The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light’ on Laffs & Danger.

Pulling from ambient, new age and drone, ‘Diptych’ “is a masterclass in slowly undulating ambient drift, and quite possibly the definitive headphone album of the year”, which serves as a reminder of the band’s influence at pushing the boundaries of these sonics.

Explaining the origins behind the bonus single, Joe says, “’Swallow Turn’ begins with a new mix of various materials from the Diptych session. In 2019 I could only be in Olympia to record for a week, so, much like the process of making ‘Disorder’, we used our time to track as much as possible in Kevin’s studio, take notes and make some rough mixes before I flew back to New York. At that point Kevin could make more nuanced mixes and send certain parts my way which I might slightly edit and/or arrange on my computer. Since our process is fairly instinctual there tends to be a fair amount of sounds that get lost in the back and forth, and so some of that, re-assembled and married anew, is what you hear in the first section of ‘Swallow Turn’.

The second section is built around an aborted track centred on a guitar recording Kevin had made that we were working on for the ‘Humming Amps and Broken Strings Sing’ series, which in this assembly we liked the overlapping slightly dissonant transition of with the material from ‘Diptych’. It’s nice when pieces and bits recorded so far apart can work together in a new piece of music.

Emerging from the Olympia, Washington punk community at the turn of the millenium, GROWING, the duo of Kevin Doria and Joe DeNardo, have been operating for two decades, crafting vibrating, explorative experimental music that is forever in a state of evolution.

Stream ‘Swallow Turn’ below…

DIPTYCH will be released on April 30th via Silver Current Records. Pre-order HERE.