Grove releases new video for ‘Bloodsucka’ via Noods Radio


The video is the first edition of GRIP: a series from Noods Radio of single take 360° live sessions made in tandem with Double Vision Studios.

The video captures the experimental vocalist, producer and DJ through an intimate lens: a camera strapped to their microphone  which lends them the role of both performer and cameraman. The product is a dizzying tour around the top floor of an abandoned high-rise building in central Bristol which, accompanied by the track’s industrial dancehall mutations and Double Vision’s signature editing style, sticks closely to Grove’ DIY aesthetic.


‘Bloodsucka’ is the first of two videos to be released as part of the project, the second belonging to emerging rapper and 1999 collective member, GUTTR, whose grime-infused track ‘my b’s emo’ is visualised by the fruit machines, dart boards and pool tables of an old  Bristol Rovers social club, also shot in 360°.


The video for ‘my b’s emo’ will drop on 8th February. Watch ‘Bloodsucka’ via the Noods Radio Youtube channel by clicking here.