Gqom innovator Griffit Vigo releases new project on Gqom Oh!


Durban native and Gqom innovator Griffit Vigo has released his debut album I am Gqom for Gqom Oh! and follows his self-released ‘GQOM WILL NEVER DIE’ EP earlier this year.

Made up of nine cinematic tracks directed at the club, the release explores his ancestral heritage and his vision for the the future of Gqom. Talking about the sound, Griffit Vigo explains that “Gqom is all about sampling, looping and creating your own vibe, I say so because I Am Gqom”. 

Since he started his journey as a musician in 2004, he has produced releases such as the timeless ‘DJ’ EP and global anthem ‘Rees Vibe’ on Gqom Oh!, helping him gain legendary 
status amongst his peers as one of the originators of the sound.

Mikael Calandra Achode is behind the visual concept for this audio journey, which both draw inspiration from early Zulu culture. Compounds known as Kraals would act as the homestead, a site for ritual worship and a defensive position for the King and his family. He aims to create a metaphoric Kraal through music, for himself, the listener and the new generation of Gqom. 

Listen to the album below…