Greenpeace & DJs For Climate Action ready compilation ahead of COP26

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Ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, greenpeace and DJs for Climate Action are readying a 37-track compilation curated by producers including Matt Black, Nicola Cruz, BLOND:ISH and Cosmo Baker.

The selected tracks, which were chosen from 350 submissions, were created using the Climate Sample Pack, a sonic toolkit released by DJs4CA in late 2020, which is made up of field recordings gathered during years of Greenpeace expeditions and activism across the globe.

Using the sample pack, which featured iceberg claps, whales singing, monsoons and much more, producers across the globe were tasked with creating original music inspired by the question “What Does The Future Sound Like?”.

Spanning everything from techno to jazz and beats, the release features music from Acid Pauli, Fakear (Ninja Tune), Mark Farina and many emerging producers, as well as vocalists and artists like Lass, Hemai and Hoverfly.

The record will be produced by Green Vinyl Records (NL) using a pioneering new injection molding process which reduces emissions. All profits from the release will be split between DJs4CA’s future projects and donated to local, frontline organisations in some of the locations the samples were recorded.



Pre-order HERE.