Greek Synth Pioneer Lena Platonos Releases New Video To Cult Track


Lena Platonos has been active producing pioneering synth wave since 1981. In 2013 Platonos released an ultra limited 12" of her 1985 track Shadows of Blood via the German label Kunstkopf. With only 100 pressed, copies of that 12" have changed hands for as much as 200 Euro on Discogs. Thankfully Dark Entries have since reissued Lena's album Gallop, which included the track, this time retitled Bloody Shadows From Afar. With Dark Entiries releasing a new remix EP with reinterpretations from Red Axes, Lena has also released a new video for Bloody Shadows From Afar, with direction from Diego Barrera. Barrera had the following to say about the project:

"This    piece    is    born    as    the    continuation    of    my    studies    in    the    so-called    androgynization    rites,   

rites    of    symbolic    offering    of    “masculinity”    that    operate    in    the    abstract,    such    as    the    offering    

of    milk    in    streams,    the    rite    of    the    Hijras    in    India.    

The    endless pursuit    of    the    Alchemical    Androgyne,    the    return    of    the    unity    of    the    forces,    the    

original    androgyny,    a    bio-man    walks    a    journey    into    the    moist,    feminine    principle,    through    

the    mercurial    waters    – spiritual    and    purification    waters.

After    the    unity,    the    origin,    comes    the    division,    the    duality    in    which    we    are    immersed,    the    

phallus    supporters,    of    the    male,    do    not    understand    the    coexistence    of    these    forces.

Let's    drive    the    male    element    towards    the    sacred    womb."


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