‘Grassroots: United Over Ukraine’ To Provide Support For Ukranian Families


A double CD release entitled 'Grassroots: United Over Ukraine' hasbeen released in an attempt to help gain support for families affected by the devastation in Ukraine within the last year.

Comprised of a combination of Ukrainian artists and international guests who have performed in Ukraine over the course of their careers, the double CD is arranged specifically to create a proper musical flow that ranges from intro-like ambient interludes to more of a dancefloor friendly sounds and back to downtempo/experimental beginnings.

Whilst it may seem like a political statement, its only aim is to provide support and help to families affected by those events – hence ‘music-driven charity project’ being perhaps the most suitable description for it. All profits from the ‘Grassroots’ project will be transferred to the Maidan Family fund and re-distributed between short-term support initiatives targeted at families of Maidan victims, medical treatment and rehabilitation of physically challenged individuals, and long-term aid for under-aged children who lost their parents in the events otherwise known as Maidan 2013/2014.

'Grassroots: United Over Ukraine' is out now, get your copy here.