Gracias Makes Hip Hop Like Fourtet Makes Pop


Congolese born and Finnish bred,Deogracias Masomi has been making waves in his hometown of Helsinki with his Gracias persona, rapping over a synth-y, glacial take on hip hop, that pairs the chill and space of the Finnish landscape with a street hip hop flow. We love a lazy comparison, so we're going to say that current single Levels sounds like Fourtet producing a Kendrick Lamar & Depeche Mode chill wave cover of Madonna's Justify My Love. If such a thing could be good. It's got skittering beat pulses, warbling glitches, doomy choirs and portentous chimes a-plenty, and Masomi has a comfortable, confidant flow. Plus it's got a video worth the entrance alone, where Gracias seems to be disintegrating into pixelated crows against a Finnish landscape that alternates between bleached out sea and hyper coloured flora.  



Hear more on the Gracias soundcloud