Glasgow Duo LAPS to release on DFA Records


One year on from the “Who Me?” release back in 2017 on MIC Records, Ladies As Pimps, a.k.a. LAPS, now have their debut release on the highly acclaimed DFA.

Tracks on the original release was appreciated by many for its “hard-edged rhythms” and “whizzing frequencies”, making it an classic record from the Glaswegian underground.

The duo Ladies As Pimps, a.k.a. LAPS, originally released “Who Me?” back in 2017 on MIC Records alongside four other tracks which were appreciated by many for their “hard-edged rhythms” and “whizzing frequencies. The record caught the attention of Ben UFO (who hosted LAPS live at XOYO) and Rihanna, who showcased the music in her show at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

This release includes the original “Ladybug” and “Who Me?” tracks, as well some additional remixes which make this record a refreshing release.

Stepping up to remix is the likes of Duppy Gun (M. Geddes Gengras), D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi (1080p, Coastal Haze, Pacific Rhythm), while Glasgow’s ANY WAYS, a.k.a Tom Marshallsay (Golden Teacher) provides a mix.

Out October 12 on digital & streaming, keep your eyes peeled for the Vinyl 12” to be dropped soon.

In the meantime, check out the lead single “Who Me?” HERE