Glasgow Based Party Tropical Moves To London With Dance Tunnel Debut


As Dance Tunnel heads into its final hours, there's always space for a newcomer. Glasgow based party Tropical heads to Dalston this summer, making it's debut during Dance Tunnel's penultimate weekend. 

On July 29th, resident Ally Tropical brings regulars and newcomers to play at Tropical's first London event. In the wake of a strong string of releases, most recently on International Feel, Tropical hosts Wolf Müller's first session in the Dance Tunnel booth. Kasra V, the face behind NTS Radio's 'Paradise Show', returns to the East London club following releases on LIPS.  

Ally Tropical will play as part of the Odyssia Festival launch party this Saturday 18th June at Ministry of Sound, alongside François K, Kyle Hall, Culoe De Song and Anna K. 

Find out more HERE. Tickets are available HERE.

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