Gigi Masin Self-Releases ‘Kite’ Lp Via Bandcamp


Italian ambient pioneer Gigi Masin has self-released a new seven-track album, KITE, on bandcamp. Best known for his pioneering 1986 album Wind, which became a cult classic after being sampled by Björk and Nujabes, the new record was accompanied by a brief statement which reads:

Dear friends.. 

Recently I have been thinking about what 'a change' means. Whether it's a turning corner of keeping on walking straight down the road, or a ship adapting its course to the winds and waves, or a kite dancing in the air one step away from the clouds. I'm thinking about new passages, further destinations, new places to reach.. but I still have a bag full of memories: unique people I've met, smiles, hugs, projects.. Maybe a change is like crossing a bridge, following a kite that finds its meaning in the wind, its motive for searching the horizon and stealing another dream. This collection contains some songs that I've made in the past few years, written to talk about dreams and love while waiting for new colors and new music. It's like looking back at a garden of roses and flowers, hoping the next lawn is just as beautiful and bright. 


KITE follows 2015's Clouds and 2017's The Distance, two releases by Gaussian Curve, the trio Masin formed with Jonny Nash and Young Marco. It is his first release under his own name since 2014's Talk to the Sea, a retrospective compilation on Music From Memory.

Stream and buy Kite HERE

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