General Merchant share compilation to raise money for Firesticks Alliance

Cover Artwork By India Heath

Australian label General Merchant, FKA DORIS Records, have released a compilation to raise money for indigenous-led network, Firesticks.

Titled Bodega Sound, the VA is made up of music from eight local artists, including Maro, Fairie, salllvage and The Land Of Rah, who explore the club spectrum from downtempo, breaks, electro and progressive.

This marks the fourth release from General Merchant, an Eora-based record label, who host events and release music that’s “(part of) so-called ‘Australia’s club scene”. The compilation will be accompanied by 10 cyanotype prints made with native flora (by India Heath).


All proceeds will go to Firesticks Alliance, who aim to facilitate and reinvigorate cultural burning through indigenous teaching about fire and land management, in turn helping to enhance an ecosystem health through a process that enables and empowers Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to collaborate.

1. salllvage – jing-jing
2. Maro – Libra Season
3. Oi Ocha – Stone Pillow
4. Pistaccio & Rob LFO – Very Berry
5. PZ Specialist – Belly Breath
6. The Land Of Rah – Saria’s Fairy
7. Faerie – Cherry Queen
8. Library Monitor – Koh

Bodega Sound is out now on Bandcamp.