Gargoyle Records reissue rare 90’s club tracks from Baltimore


The label has resurfaced material recorded during the mid nineties on a new split EP which showcases the versatility and influence of the Baltimore sound on present club day culture and music. Tracks from the release have remained secret weapons of a handful of dj’s but will now be made available to the public for the first time more widely. Details and the story behind the release can be found below:

“In a basement somewhere in Baltimore, circa 1995, Tony Pegas & Don Corrieri, AKA Alienage found themselves deep in an acid trip experimenting with synthesisers and drum machines. What followed over the next two years were seven records that warped bodies and minds, released through the iconic Gargoyle Records. The sound was directly informed by countless nights on the dance floor, showcasing trippy, hard-hitting breaks and rolling bass lines that have since rattled speakers for decades.”