Future Classic DJs


Sun, sea, sand and chilled tunes, Australia has all of this in abundance, whilst us in the UK just make do with dreams of hot Summer nights and a good whinge when those two days finally come and it’s too hot, as is our wont and anyway, crap Summers are acceptable as long as we trounce the Ozzies at the Olympics, right?

That aside, Sydney based dreamy house label have unleashed their first sun-kissed compilation of future house beats that transports you from UK humdrum, dresses you in budgie smugglers and leaves you soaking it up on Bondi Beach and the appropriate long alcoholic beverage.
Future Classic are just as likely to release a rocking indie track as they are techno sizzler but here they stick to like-minded electronic artists from their roster such as Jeremy Glenn, his 'New Life' has the kind of deep rumbling bassline whole musical genres are based on. The current taste for OTT male diva histrionics are in check too over a whole load of these tracks but not in a calculated disingenuous way like Azari and III or TEED, there’s real emotion involved here, even when the meaning of the lyrics is nothing more than some guff about ‘takin’ you higher’ etc, etc.
The ones to head straight for here are Flume’s sub-bass filth, the low slung funk of Flight Facilities and special mention for the Jon Tejada sounding tribalism and subtle acid tweaks on the sumptuous 'Do you believe' by Poolside. Although these polite house tracks could easily be played in the background, the dark tech of Danny Daze show a rougher edge and when it comes down to ripping up a dance floor with some fierce electro tinged EDM, they don't shirk their responsibilities, Mario & Vidis's darker beats could sit comfortably on the Poker Flat or Comeme imprints and give a much needed moment to stomp amongst the niceties of the softer material.
This Summer is going to be as much of a fail as all the others so forget about that, grab this, press play and let’s make believe as one.