Fundraiser Launched To Help Homeless House Legend Colonel Abrams


Back in the mid 80s, Colonel Abrams laid the foundation stones of house with a series of electro-funk bangers that included hits Trapped, I’m Not Gonna Let You, and How Soon We Forget – all staples in any proto-house DJ's set. 

Recent months have seen the Colonel fall on hard times – he's currently ill and homeless, with no medical insurance. Old skool house DJ Don Welch has set up a GoFundMe page for fans to pledge money to help out; America is tough on it's poor, and it seems the Colonel is in a pretty bad way – you can pledge money over here. 

Greek label Echovolt is also poised to release some unheard fire from Abrams' vaults, putting together a three track 12" of cuts written and recorded direct to tape in the mid 80s – hopefully some of the vinyl sales should go someway to helping the Colonel get back on his feet.