Fumbata releases debut album on Budapest label EXILES


The American musician has just released a new LP titled “Decoherence”. Featuring ten tracks the album is a carefully curated assortment of experimental electronic productions most closely aligned with IDM. 

Released today the album is described as follows:

‘Decoherence illustrates a theoretical framework that once applied to musical composition, may be a more accurate representation of the quantum world. If we abstract away from the specifics of quantum-mechanical models, we can discern a system where an electrical signal interacts with a circuital environment thus becoming amplified or attenuated. Ordinarily, we tend to think of this spectrum modification as destructive, dissipating information about the electrical signal.

The environment induced decoherence can actually enhance our ability to extract information about the system being observed. The quantum-mechanical interference causes a broadening of the spectrum induced by the finite resolution of the measurement process. Decoherence is not a new theory unto itself, but is instead an efficient repackaging of theory.’