Front Line Assembly


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“Nice wee bit of industrial electro here, courtesy of one of m’lady’s shelves marked “dark”. I fuckin love the B-side to this, it’s a ‘game of two halves’ 12min epic that wouldn’t sound out of place on any number of 12″s I posted on v1.0 of Ripped In Glasgow last year. I could certainly see a certain Glasgow-based DJ duo (new mix here) embracing its magic.

I got a text out of the blue a while back informing me that not only are this lot playing a gig in Glasgow in July, but that the next night their partners in crime Skinny Puppy are on! I dunno what the fuck is going on with the booking policy at the Classic Grand, but earlier in the year we had a great shimmy on down to Nitzer Ebb, and in a month or so we’ve got ATTRITION on as well. Mental. It seems to be re-aligning itself as Glasgow’s prime hotbed for ageing industro-electro-80s acts that we’d all forgotten about.

Fingers and toes crossed for Pigface, which will never happen but we can dream…”

Front Line Assembly – No Limit (Damaged Goods Remix)
A – No Limit (Damaged Goods Remix)
B – Lethal Compound (Harmful If Swallowed Mix)

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