Freeride Millenium host 13 hour radio takeover for Pride to raise money for Queer Base


To celebrate Pride, on Saturday 26th June Vienna-based label Freeride Millenium are hosting a 13-hour radio takeover on Radio 80000, to raise money for LGBTQIA+ charity Queer Base. 

Running from 11am to midnight, the station will feature broadcasts from the likes of Borusiade, Seven Davis Jr., Bawrut, Ms. G, Nala Brown and Joyce Muniz, who will be streaming from cities across the world.

This marks the third virtual fundraising event Freeride Millenium have hosted to raise money for Queer Base, who are celebrating their five year anniversary in July.

The charity represent people that identify as LGBTQI+ and have had to leave their country due to persecution. In Vienna, Queer Base organizes housing, German classes, STI testing, community work and legal advice, which is the most crucial element as it allows the queer community to secure a fair and impartial trial.

Watch and donate HERE. Donate directly to Queer Base HERE. Artwork by Daniel Rajcsanyi.