Free Greg Wilson Mixtape Is Unsurprisingly Ace


Greg Wilson is a bit of a hero round these parts. From making his impeccable re-edits to writing up some of the most thoughtful, incisive analysis of UK dance history you're likely to read, Wilson is clearly a don. So we were pretty happy when this dropped into the in tray this morning – a full length mixtape from Wilson, almost entirely built from material produced by Kermit's (formerly of Ruthless Rap Assassins and Black Grape) new outfit Blind Arcade. Wilson cuts and splices, throws in tape echo, samples and additional breaks, and the end result is a heady masterclass in mixtape production, part hot fried soul, part glammed up disco strut, part stoned hip hop attitude; all good. Plus the sleeve art is boss:

blind arcade sleeve

Listen now whilst reading the sleeve notes below:


Sleeve notes

"Uplifting, life-affirming, and perfectly timed for the summer months – cobbled together, Heath Robinson stylee, more by serendipity than design, into a coherent whole by DJ / Producer Greg Wilson. Most of the tracks featured are by Blind Arcade, either existing demos or works in progress, but the mixtape is also peppered with half-a-dozen GW edits, lyrically laced to bubble the Super Weird stew – the constant presence, and main ingredient, being Kermit Leveridge, for it's his inspirational tale of faith and redemption that lies at the very core of this morphogenetic mixtape. Following on from the Ruthless Rap Assassins and Black Grape, we believe that this is his greatest musical odyssey, drawing from the deep wells of his own mythos and logos. There were 3 frontmen in the Rap Assassins, 2 in Black Grape, but now, for the first time, Kermit steps to the fore – no longer to be described by such a limited term as 'rapper', but as a sabre-skilled vocal chameleon, his shades and depths ranging from wise old soul to lovestruck adolescent, invoking his many I's as a cast of compelling characters, both comic book and close–up personal, whilst, in trickster tradition, keeping us on our toes, not knowing what to expect next."

"Let me take you by the hand
So you know what's going on
Let me take you step by step
On a journey that won't take too long
Come let me show you
Reality is not what it seems
It's all a construct
And what you see might not be real"

Kermit Leveridge – The Construct