Free D/L: Alexandro Paz – Texit


Off the 'Free' four track EP from Alexandro Paz  comes Texit, a nice chunk of, as I said, pseudo-acidic-primitive house.  Not much more to say, the free DL is after the drop, but first – had to share the press release with you – a bizarre, psychedelic piece of prose that needs reading: 

Again it’s true. Domesticity is none of a Cómemian’s foremost virtue. Modesty? Also not. Take Alejandro Paz: Left Santiago, went to Spain, went to Scotland, came to Cologne. Was a stranger, showed his facets (listen to his „Ladrones“ mix on Cómeme Radio) and was heartily embraced. But then listen to "New Guy In Town“. This fine staccato jackness doesn’t sound much like settlement, does it? The girl chorus seems to be interested though. In handclaps and cowbells and all these endorphin-raising activities, to say the least. But let’s not get sloppy with such terms. Everybody raised on house music knows an even more urgent interest: To utterly out act the common sense and celebrate the fact that too much is not too much and never will be. So let’s call the four letter-tracks of this EP two sides of a coin. Here’s "Free“ and there is "Duro“ („Hard“). „Free“ is an antifa track sung by Robert Owens’s step spirit lying next to some rave kid on a Balearic – no, not shore. "Duro“ is, as Alejandro says, about "this ridiculous sensation that I really miss from Chile of the hard parties, people involved in music and enjoying in the limit of the bodies. But I'm happy because I've found this sensation in other places like Glasgow.“ "Texit“ is like temporarily settling on the edge of the coin, just for the fun of it.

So, there you have it!