Fred und Luna to release new album on Compost Records


Next month will mark the release of a new album from experimental outfit Fred und Luna, a conceptual project from Karlsruhe which has been supported and championed by Frank Wiedemann from Âme. Fred und Luna is the musical entity of Rainer Buchmüller, a musician, poet, painter and  beyond. He has been involved in music for much of his life and at the age of 55 released his first record on Optimo Music. Following this he then went on to release on Frank Wiedemann's own Bigamo Musik, as his former boss during the 90's when the the now famous electronic music worked in local record shops. 

Fred and Luna is a conceptual project by nature, made up of two mannequins that live in a tiny clothing store and serve as the muse for Rainer. With it comes a thesis described by Rainer as follows: 

"The science of the existence of the non-existence and the non-existence of existence. It approaches nothingness from all possible angles. It analyzes all the things, one wouldn’t recognize at first glance, things that are not of general interest, things of no legal significance, things that are not happening (or are not happening yet), things that clearly should not occur and all those things one would not have dared to dream of"

The album will be available on Compost Records from early next month. Buy HERE