Frank Ocean Watch: Singer Posts Mystery Video On Website


Will Frank Ocean ever release his second album? Will it be any good? Neither of these questions have been answered today. Instead, earlier today Mr. Ocean sent the internet into a minor spasm by posting a live stream of what appeared to be his studio. Numerous people watched the stream, some for hours, and literally nothing happened. Now it's been taken down. 

The delayed release of Boys Don't Cry, Frank's follow up to Channel Orange has caused the singer's fanbase to near explode with anticipation. A July 2016 date had been posted online –

And now that's been blown. So now it appears Frank's taken to posting non-descript videos to keep the fans from kicking off his studio doors and running off with his hard drive. Will it work? Is this merely an extended, playfully avant garde promo plan to put Aphex Twin to shame? Is it a sign that Frank has finally gone nuts? Honestly, who knows. But you may just hear the new album in August. Til then, you can lurk on his site, and maybe even listen to a reason why people are still waiting…  

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