Francis Harris Returns To Scissor And Thread As Aris Kindt


Brooklyn imprint Scissor and Thread sees label-founder Francis Harris and guitar-toting companion Gabe Hendrick reanimate dead convict Aris Kindt this November. As in their collaborative musical project, which they have named Aris Kindt, is releasing a record called 'Floods'.

This will be Harris' sixth release on his own label, it's a heavy, hazy, slow-paced ambient drift, swathed in analogue fuzz and sustained, spectral synth-fog. Produced over the course of a year, the LP was recorded with some vintage electronic synth and sequencing equipment and a couple of guitar. It's a beautiful, nuanced ambient album, which "[weaves] in and out of near silece and sheering walls of sound with a gentle and constant heartbeat at its core."

Aris Kindt is the body receiving a good old dissection in Rembrant's "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp" (1631), and Floods is inspired by W.G. Sebald's response to the art in the 'Rings Around Saturn' introduction. It's a dreamy drift through a foggy purgatory, through dappled light and shade with a distant heartbeat thud leading the way.

The 20th November sees Floods released through Scissor and Thread, check their podcast series and other releases over here.