Fp-Oner Releases New Album


If you enjoy four-to-the-floor beats but can't quite get your own body to move on the dance floor, FP-Oner's new album might be for you. On June 29th FP-Oner, the alias of Fred P, will be releasing '5' under the label Mule Musiq. The album consists of 11 tracks and has a distinctive vibe- both energetic and laid-back.

'5' is the start to a new trilogy of atmospheric, deep house music with delicate touches of piano jazz and shuffling percussion. The New York City native has been working on his music for almost 20 years and has developed a signature sound of gentle soul infiltrated house. So, if you're looking for some gentle dance music to sway to, '5' will be your cup of tea.

For more information on Fred P you can check out his Facebook page here and his Soundcloud here.