Fourth Dimension / Lumberton Trading Co. Record Label Appeal


The ubiquity of the crowdfunding project. Many of them worthwhile and a vital lease of interaction and income, many of them less so. Fortunately falling within the former camp is a campaign on Indie Go Go, initiated by Fourth Dimension head and Lumberton Trading Company co-founder Richard Johnson. As with many smaller niche operations in the current landscape, the difficulty of maintaining quality in terms of physical releases is a testing one. In the text which introduces the project Johnson outlines an admirable dedication to physical formats without the staunch luddism that often makes these assertions of preference blinkered and pompous. Instead it’s a case of preferring to ‘keep to what I already know’. 

Considering that spirit and the releases Johnson has brought into the world – including work by Micheal Gira, Richard Youngs, Thurston Moore, KK Null, Sleaford Mods, Merzbow and many more – you could do worse than contribute to a project which is as far from the recent spike in unnecessary comebacks and back catalogue profiteering as you can get. In the pipeline and in need of funds are new records by Cindytalk, Martin Kuchen, Sion Orgon, Extnndntwrk, Nick Mott, Johnson’s own group Theme, and an interesting proposition in the form of a magazine/record package. With a little more on what to expect from these releases, I’ll leave it to Johnson’s own descriptions to provide the detail: 

They are all remarkably different to each other yet furrow sonic spaces only from their own hearts. These spaces themselves are a melting pot of electronic music, fractured beats, improvisation, Lovecraftian atmospherics, avant-garde sensibilities, signatures simultaneously melodic and uncomfortable, broken bridges, psychedelia, 'outsider' attitude and far more than my own words will ever serve any justice to.

Sounds good to us. For more on the project and to donate head here.