Four Tet Remix Makes Lana Del Rey Not Terrible


You can’t polish a turd, my mate Tom likes to say, but you can roll it in glitter. Fortunately, Kieren Hebden is a man who knows his way round a can of sparkle, and the Four Tet man has come up trumps once more, remixing the vocals from otherwise irredeemable shitehawk Lana Del Rey into a looping, lolloping percussive techno masterclass. The remix has found it's way up onto Del Rey's official Youtube channel, where it's highlighted the gaping chasm between what Del Rey's management want her fans to like (edgy/ cool/ Euro-phile/hipster innovation), and what they actually like (Skrillex)

Here's a fairly representative comment from ‘Julianadowns’ apparently giving voice to the thoughts of the entirety of Del Rey fanbase:

 “Where is the fucking chorus? I didn't like it, Lana 🙁 A remix by skrillex would sound better.”

So there you go. Horses for courses and all that.