Fostercare Heat High


Ive realised that all of this weeks reviews have this kind of drum machine-disco-shoegaze-swamp sound going on. If I read the NME Id probably know what the name for this scene was, but seeing as I dont, and Im rubbish at coming up with clever puns, Im going to need you, the reader (or hopefully readers.. I never know who actually bothers to click through these things..) to listen to the bands Ive gone through and come up with one yourself. Then tell it to me, so next time I get into this Ive got a verbal short hand to fall back on, thus keeping my delicate finger pads from wearing thin to the very bone. Or you could go back to Mumford & Sons or whatever.

Anyway, this lot, Fostercare which is a great name – are my favourite of the drum machine-swamp-shoegaze-doom-disco thing that Ive heard yet. Theyre incredibly dense, just walls and walls of synth culled from John Carpenters most gruesome work, with vocals whispering away underneath. As a counterpoint the 808 drums bang sharply through, accompanied by brutal handclaps and hissing hi hats. The whole experience is unbelievably menacing. To be fair this really isnt Saturday night fare. Think more a vicious deformed cousin of Jullee Cruises Twin Peaks classic Falling and your getting closer. Its intensely provocative music, although that could just mean youll fucking hate it, personally I think its excellent.

Next week Ill get back to reviewing The Drums and bitching about Groove Armada or whatever it is I normally do.

Ian Mcquaid

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