FOOOL prepares to release new EP on Kann


The new EP is as rough and rugged as they come with the release date expected to be the 18th of October later this month. The release is called "Shoplifter 2000" and sounds as gnarly as you might stereotypically expect an EP with such a title to sound. 

FOOOL originally began life as a band which then later morphed into a collective series of performances and widespread collaborations. It's described by the label as follows: 

"FOOOLs new EP is about adolescence, peer pressure and – the most romantic act of teenage love in late capitalism possible. 5 tracks combine broken electric beats, gritty synthesizer melodies, kraut-ish guitar riffs with a punk rock attitude."

The EP is also rounded off by a remix from Desert Sound Colony.

See the tracklist below: 

1. Shoplifter Of The Year
2. School Skippers Unite
3. Peer Pressure – Pure Pleasure
4. Shoplifting 4 Ewa (You ́re All I Have)
5. We The Punks
6. We The Punks (Desert Sound Colony Remix) 

Visit the Kann bandcamp HERE