Flatbush ZOMBiES share new video collaboration with James Blake


American hip hop group Flatbush ZOMBiES have released a new video for their single ‘Afterlife’, produced by luminary hitmaker James Blake.

After hearing Blake was a fan of their music, Flatbush member Erick the Architect contacted Blake via Twitter, leading to them meeting at a Flatbush Zombies show in Los Angeles in 2018 before beginning to collaborate.

‘Afterlife’ is the first track to be released from their recording sessions, with the accompanying video shot in pre-pandemic Paris and directed by Arnaud Bresson.

Talking of the advanced technology that was used to film the video, director Arnaud Bresson said, “Today, there is no technology that x-ray films a living being without endangering it, so we worked hand in hand with a post-production company to develop a technical device that would allow us to achieve a similar effect. We used multi-camera tracking, recorded the positions and movements of our characters to extract and apply to our 3D compositions. It took four months of work to find the perfect style.