Fix Head To London With Contort Yourself & Berceuse Heroique


Having welcomed the likes of Tasker, Rezzett, Lord Tusk, Terekke, Brassfoot and Reckonwrong to name but a few Brighton’s FIX will make their first foray into London territory on 9th April at The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington. 

For the inaugural throw down they welcome two figureheads of UK Techno and experimental noise, Berceuse Heroique’s ΚΕΜΑΛ and Contort Yourself label head Murray CY. Since it’s inception Berceuse Heroique has welcomes the likes of Vereker, Koehler, Ekman and Hodge to the BH family, while the Contort Yourself label with Murray CY firmly at the helm can cite Helena Hauff, Perseus Traxx and Pankow as inductees to the CY back catalogue.

Tickets for the 100-capacity basement rave can be picked up here and why don't you just go ahead and join their Event Page while you're at it.