FIT Siegel and Kassem Mosse collaborate on Saboten EP


Both FIT Siegel and Kassem Mosse have forged regal reputations beyond their native countries. Siegel, one of Detroit's biggest distributors of house and techno, is also a respected producer, releasing on Alex Smith's FXHE Records as well as his own FIT Sound imprint. Mosse, too, has received international acclaim due to expert composition on the likes of Workshop, The Trilogy Tapes and Nonplus Records. Combined, the duo form a two-headed sorcerer of sound, employing years of technical education to great effect. Their Saboten EP, set to release on Siegel's FIT Sound label, was partially recorded at Omar-S's FXHE Studio and reflects the maestros' ability as musicians. Three cuts of house and techno originally recorded from jam sessions in 2016, the tracks have been tested at clubs ever since. Make sure to grab your copy when it's released at the end of the month.

Pre-order HERE.