First Single From Cassy’s New Album Remixed By Italojohnson And Mr Tophat And Art Alfie


Back, the first single from Cassy’s new forthcoming album – Donna – with ItaloJohnson and Mr. Tophat and Art Alfie on remix duty.

Cassy's original cut – co-produced by King Britt – is a dusk appropriate, stripped back moody with sultry vocals gliding over intermittent keyboard chords.

ItaloJohnson operate on Back. Given a club-ready facelift with minimalised vocals, Back is drawn out into a repetitive, pulsating affair, more suited to the floor. 

Mr. Tophat and Art Alfie further darken the mood, layering selected, effected vocals upon more hardware elements and Cassy's original vintage keys.

Back tracklist:

A1 – Back 
B1 – Back (ItaloJohnson Remix)
B2 – Back (Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie's Karlovak Remix)

Donna will be released on 24th June on Aus Music.

Listen to Back HERE.

Pre-order Back HERE.

Catch ItaloJohnson at Farr Festival.

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